Friday, March 13, 2015

What is On Page SEO

I am sure that your concept is not cleared about SEO. Now question is How to Learn SEO. No problem, just stay with me and I will clear your fog concept about SEO. In this article I will discuss only On page SEO. So let go for a discussion.

You may hear a lot of on page seo and work for it, but what is it result? It may be not well. OK no tension I am going to clear it.
SEO means Search Engine Optimization. It is categorized two types.
                                 1. On page SEO 
                                 2. Off page SEO
Simply On page SEO means to do all the internal works for your web site. That means develop your web site i.e URL, page titles, contents, internal linking, meta tag, meta description etc. for the purpose of increasing your web site ranking in various search engine such as,, To complete this task you have to follow some
Tips For On Page SEO. If your site is higher PR then search engine will take your site to the higher position in Google Ranking. I will discuss about URL, page titles, web contents, internal linking, meta tag, meta description etc. in the next articles.

Comparative importance of On page SEO and Off page SEO: 




I think on page seo is more important than off page seo. Because….
    1. On page SEO is the process that understands the search engine language. We know search engine understand a particular computer program and this program can read the contents in your web site.
    2. Why your site is created? Primary reason stands for making your visitors happy and satisfies them. Off page SEO can increase traffic but if your site is not decorated, insufficient information you will not get visitors and bounce rate will increase. So proper on page seo is must.
    3. If you want to continue a small by running web site, you need to increase visitors  in your site and in this why you are required on page seo to take your site to the search engine first page.
    4. Think about which is first, on page seo or off page seo? Obviously on page seo. So if your on page seo is well then every think will be well.
I hope from the above information you have got more information. Bring you feedback by commenting.

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