Friday, March 13, 2015

What is keyword?

In general sense keyword means when we search in search engine ( google or yahoo) by writing something is called keyword. For example you want to search about “How To Write Web Content"

In search engine and here “How To Write Web Content" is the keyword. Here every word works as keyword.
How does keyword work?
When you search something writing, first of all search engine takes your word and then find out the machine words in various websites. For example you have searched in search engine by writing “How To Write Web Content" and you will see there are various search result in the search engine. That means the websites are containing the words what you are searching. But how can search engine give position them?

Search engine takes the sites to its` first position on the basis of Google Ranking which depends on your sites` SEO, Back link, Page Rank. Here SEO are two types. They are On page SEO and Off page SEO.
Higher the page rank it is mostly possible to see your site to the SERPs.

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